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The Food Medic [book #1]

My first book provides the perfect platform for me to bridge the gap between mainstream medicine and nutrition to create a whole-body guide to health.

I wrote this book to educate others on how to maximise their health so that they can look and feel amazing. I want to debunk the myths that are out there surrounding dieting and instead offer solid, evidence-based advice. This isn’t a book with a collection of recipes that will just help shift a few stubborn pounds before a holiday – it is about health, confidence, happiness and feeling great!

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The Food Medic
for life
[book #2]

Food is important to me on so many levels and I fully appreciate its value in terms of the energy it provides and the health benefits it offers us. However, food may be fuel – but its so much more!

To reflect the pattern of our busy lives, this book is split into two sections; The first section ‘Fuel Up’ is designed to suit the hectic, busy days in your life where you need quick and easy recipes. The second section ‘Power down’ of the book is designed for the weekends, days off, and holidays when you have a little more time to enjoy and rediscover a love of food.

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The Food Medic x Trekstock

Back in 2017, I started working with Trekstock – a charity for young adults (aged 20-40) diagnosed with cancer. One thing we felt was really missing in terms of the support that was provided was advice on nutrition.

After running a survey, we decided to create a resource on cancer and diet, one which was evidence-based, easy-to-follow, one which was created by health practitioners and patients, and one which wasn’t totally boring!

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PAUL x The Food Medic

In the summer of 2019, I was contacted by Maxime, CEO of PAUL about the exciting opportunity to combine our skills to collaborate on a product range in response to their customers’ growing interest in more sustainable and flexitarian eating options when on-the-go. 

Together we’ve created food to take you right through the day including; Breakfast Pots, Sweet and Savoury Open Sandwiches, Salads, Sandwiches and rolls – Food on-the-go just had a makeover!

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