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I’ve been thinking about what makes a house a home, or what makes my rented flat feel like my home. I’ve moved around many times in the last couple of years for university and work and feeling “at home” somewhere new can be hard but there are a few things that, for me, make it feel like my own little sanctuary. From my weekly routine of buying flowers for the flat and having my favourite @rituals_uk candles and fragrance sticks that give me comfort and escapism to fully unwind from the busy chaos of London

Here’s my list, I would love to hear yours?

✨Having a cosy spot on the sofa
✨All of my books
✨A favourite mug
✨Photos of family and friends
✨My candles and fragrance sticks
✨Fresh bed sheets
✨My plants and #flowerfriday
✨Fluffy socks and trackie bottoms

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