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Plant-based protein meals and snacks:

Contrary to what many believe, it is entirely possible to get enough protein on a plant-based diet. The key is to eat a variety of plant proteins, including; beans and lentils, soya products (such as soya, tofu, tempeh) ,nuts and seeds, whole grains, and vegan protein blends (e.g.hemp/pea/brown rice). For alternatives to dairy milk, soya is the most nutritionally similar in terms of protein content (with a complete amino acid profile).

Some ideas to inspire you…

? choco-peanut protein smoothie
? almond butter + raspberry overnight oats
? bean and lentil chilli stuffed sweet potato [recipe on thefoodmedic.co.uk]
? vegan BLT [using tempeh]
? veggie tofu rice [recipe on thefoodmedic.co.uk]
? protein pancakes

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